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Nampa GPAA Chapter link on national GPAA site - http://www.goldprospectors.org/Community/Chapters/Chapter-Home/ChapterId/NAMPID​​​​

GPAA - www.goldprospectors.org​​​​

Goldgrabber – www.golddredgebuilders.com​​​​

Rose Hill Coins & Jewelry - www.rosehillcoins.com​​​​

Gerry's Metal Detectors – www.gerrysdetectors.com​​​​

Idaho Department of Water Resources Steam Channel Protection Program Forms (dredging permit, etc)


BLM LR2000 (Claim reports and more) - www.blm.gov/lr2000​​​​

Boise Basin Search and Recovery Club (BBSRC) – www.diggin4treasure.org​​​​

Idaho Dowsers – www.dowsers.org/contact-us-2/local-chapters/115-idaho_society.html​​​​

ICMJ - www.icmj.com/​​​​

Diggings - thediggings.com/​​​​

Keene Engineering - keeneeng.com/​​​​

Dredgers Digest (Rocky Mountain Miners Rights) - www.dredgersdigest.com/​​​​

Public Lands For The People - www.publiclandsforthepeople.org/​​​​

Idaho Recreation Council – www.id-rc.org​​​​

The New 49’ers – goldgold.com​​​​

Summit Mining & Equipment - www.summitmining.com